ATU – Environmental Protection – University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal

Associate professors of the Department of Chemistry, chemical technology and ecology of Almaty technological University Suleymenova M. sh. and Akhmetova S. O. took part in the 3rd International conference on the problems of pollution by toxic ions and molecules, held from 3 to 7 November 2019 in Caparica-Portugal. The conference is organized by the PROTEOMASS scientific community, the BIOSCOPE research group and the NOVA University of Lisbon.

The conference was attended by 170 scientists from 29 countries: Portugal, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Egypt, great Britain, Latvia, etc.

It is gratifying that scientists from ATU were the only representatives not only of Kazakhstan, but also of the CIS countries. S. O. Akhmetova made a report “pollution of a soil mantle in the impact zone of the enterprises for production of phosphoric fertilizers: accumulation of specific pollutant – nonmetals in soils (case of Kazpfospfat LLP)”, M. S. Suleimenova presented a poster ” Assessment of environmental pollution by emissions from mining and heat power industries (on example of Kentau MMC and CHPP-5)”. Presentations are devoted to the problems of toxic nano-contamination of the biosphere of Kazakhstan by waste from production enterprises of LLP “Kazphosphate”, Kentau MMC and TPP-5.

Participation in conferences of this scale opens up opportunities to carry out research projects within the framework of international programs and to expand the academic mobility of teachers and students.
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